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Hot Cool Cold Water Purifier KG100HK


16 in stock

Brand Kangaroo
Origin Vietnam
Reserve Tank 12 litter
Filtration Stage 5 Stage
Membrane Vietnam
Technology RO( Reverse Osmosis)

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16 in stock

Kangaroo Double Faucet – 3 Settings Hot Cool Cold Water Purifier KG100HK is the latest Kangaroo product line with many preeminent features and is a major breakthrough in tap water filtration technology in Vietnam.

Model: KG100HK Filter Capacity: 15-20 liters per hour
Type: Standing type model Hot water temperature:  85 to 90 degree cencious
Numbers of filtering stages: 10 stages Cold water temperature: 10 to 15 degree cencious
Storage Capacity: 8 liters Input water temperature: 5 to 35 degree cencious
Hot water storage Capacity: 1.2 liters Input water presure requirement: 0.7 – 2.5kg/cm2
Cold water storage Capacity: 1.2 liters Dimension (LxWxH):440 x 335 x 575 mm
Voltage: 220V/50Hz Weight: 35kg
Capacity: 500W  RO filter flush Technology: Auto
Cooling Capacity: 70W Manufacturer: Kangaroo Viet Nam Item
Heating Capacity: 430W

Kangaroo Double Faucet Hydrogen Water Purifier with an advanced 10-stage purifying system

Cartridge Materials Functions Replacement time Filtering Power
1. 10″ PP-5micron Polypropylene Filters out sediments larger than 5 micron (mud, sand…). Protect RO filter from sediments that can cause blockage 1-3 months 2,000 liters
2. G.A.C Activated carbon, chloride removal absorbent Removes chlorine, excess organic matter and odor in water. Protect the RO filter from damage caused by oxidants 3-6 months 5,000 liters
3. 10″ PP-1micron Polypropylene Filters out sediments larger than 1 micron (mud, sand…). Protect RO filter from sediments that can cause blockage 3-6 months 5,000 liters
4. RO Vortex membrane Kangaroo

Made in Korea

RO Membrane Removes impurities, heavy metals, organic pollutants, harmful bacteria, amoeba… for a purified water source 24-36 months 10,000 liters
5. FIR Hydrogen Bioceramic Water is split into smaller molecules for easy absorption 24 months 15,000 liters
6.. 5 in 1 Omega-SX 5 types of mineral rocks – Special mineral cartridge, adding negative ions to water

– Splitting water molecules

– Balancing pH level

– Producing alkaline water

12 months 5,000 liters

Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier KG100HK Key Features:

A new generation monobloc 1-2-3 pre-filter system

With the monobloc design using high-end plastic materials qualified for application in water filtration, the new 1-2-3 pre-filter system helps to prevent leakage and bacterial invasion effectively, optimal flow design helps to enhance the removal of suspended sediments, chloride, excess organic matters and odor in water, prolonging the performance and lifespan of the RO membrane behind.

The monobloc cartridge design with quick coupler helps make the renewing process quick and easy, lightly pushes to install a new pre-filter system and you can enjoy using healthy quality water.

10 Filtering Levels


Produces Hydrogen water

Optimizes filtering quality

Convenient with 2 taps HOT – COLD

– Hot taps with temperature up to 90ºC conveniently serves all needs like tea, coffee, instant noodle making, etc.

– Cold tap gives cold water ranging from 6ºC, very refreshing to quench your thirst

Ready to connect, easy to use

Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier KG100HK is designed and assembled by Kangaroo Hi-tech Factory engineers, offering convenience and safety when using, maintaining and renewing components

3 simple assembling steps instead of 36 steps for regular water purifierNeat and sturdy structure, connect input water source and the device is ready to useEasy for renewal:Uses all quick couplers, quick and easy procedureSafe:Product has a new pressure vessel with an integrated pressure relief valve which is connected to the waste pipe, protecting product from problems concerning increased water pressure

RO Vortex technology was researched and patented by Korea Kangaroo Application Research Center.

Creates rotating flows to reduce sedimentation on the membrane surface, increase the saving time by 4 times, increases efficiency by 75%, increase the life expectancy of the filtering membrane and other components compared to other purifier

Regular RO filtration:

Limitations: vertical water flow, short saving time, large amount of waste water, low filtering efficiency, requires more energy and water volume

RO Vortex Kangaroo:

Advantages: larger water flow along the cartridge, maximizing efficiency

Increases life expectancy and reduces waste water: the Vortex mechanism limits sedimentation, maximizes purified water, increases membrane life expectancy



Technical Specifications

Brand Kangaroo
Origin Vietnam
Reserve Tank 12 litter
Filtration Stage 5 Stage
Membrane Vietnam
Technology RO( Reverse Osmosis)

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